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Journal of Environment and Culture

Journal of Environment and Culture is being promoted as the leading voice on environmental issues in Africa, as the foremost forum of intense, engaging, and challenging debates on how culture and environment can be mutually complementary, and as such the acclaimed site of critical intervention on practices of, and discourses on, global cultural processes. The primary function of the journal is therefore to open a channel for debate on the interactive nature of culture and environment and how humanity fair within the dynamics of the intellectual, economic and political exchange in which such interaction are framed locally and globally.

The birth of the journal is informed by the need to respond to a perceived danger which threatens the foundation of humanism as presently articulated by modernity, and which could have serious implications for the relational patterns between, and amongst individuals, communities and nations in the near future. From all that is evident, Africa is particularly within the cutting edge of this danger, and Nigeria may have slipped into its grinding mill as citizens organize one form of protest or the other.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor O.B. Lawuyi holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois, U.S.A. He has taught in several African universities, serving in some instances as Head of Department. He has made substantial contributions in the areas of public discourse, urban African popular culture, and African religion. His articles have appeared in several international journals including Africa, International Sociology, Sociological Inquiry, African Study Review, History in Africa, Semiotica, and Dialectical Anthropology. He has over 70 publications. Quite aside from serving on the Board of several leading journals in Africa, he is also the Editor of a few, including the Journal of Environment and Culture.

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