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Archaeologists Without Borders

Archaeologists Without Borders is a unique endeavor that supports archaeological education and training in economically disadvantaged countries. Through a network of training programs, WAC members in different parts of the world may travel to host institutions to provide educational opportunities. This program derives from the WAC mission to foster international academic interaction, and to eradicate economic barriers to education about archaeology.

The pilot program of Archaeologists Without Borders will focus on the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and future projects are expected to derive based on the success of this event. Funding provided from the host university will support accommodation, food and ground transport. The WAC member who chooses to participate will provide their expertise as a voluntary contribution to the program and will receive a stipend to cover basic living expenses. Scholars from the first world will be encouraged to finds outside support to cover the cost of international airfare, but support from WAC will be available. In addition WAC will provide support for students in the country to attend the lectures and other events provided as part of this program.

WAC is pleased to be partnering with the Archaeological Institute of America in this important and innovative project. The AIA is providing support at various levels, including the coordination of volunteers from among its members. People interested in being involved in this program should contact WAC

By linking scholars around the world, we ensure that superior archaeological education is available to all, regardless of the economic state of one's country. In addition, the WAC members are able to support one another by sharing expertise and insights and networking among members around the globe ensure continued professional and personal development.

DONATE TO 'Archaeologists Without Borders' via e-mail or fax. [download form English/Spanish]

All enquiries should be forwarded to :

Claire Smith
President, World Archaeological Congress
Department of Archaeology
Flinders University of South Australia
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, S.A. 5001, Australia
Ph: +61 8 8201 2336