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Newsletter: Volume 27 April 2009

Contributions to the next WAC Newsletter due 18th May 2009

Archaeologists Without Borders Workshop

Report on the website of the World Archaeological Congress

Archaeologies of Art Podcast Series Launched!

Call for WAC members to nominate Indigenous people

World Archaeological Congress honors Larry Zimmerman

Dr Andree Rosenfeld

Recommendation on ERA Draft Quality Ranking

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WAC-6 Closing Ceremony Speech

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Czech. WAC-6 Media Release on Iran



The WAC Executive

The Executive is the main governing body of WAC between meetings of Council. It administers the affairs of WAC in accordance with its statutes, the decisions and policy of the Assembly, and the decisions of Council. The Executive has full power to take any decisions which may be necessary or desirable in the interests of WAC between meetings of the Council. However, the Executive is expected wherever possible to take into consideration the views of Council and should, where appropriate, attempt to ascertain these views before making decisions. Meetings of the Executive shall take place at such times and places as it shall decide, and are expected to be at least annually.

The Members of the Executive are:
a] the Officers of WAC;
b] three members of the Council, from different electoral regions and, if possible, from Regions other than those of the elected officers, elected by the Council to sit on the Executive;
c] one Indigenous member elected by the Indigenous Group of the Council;
d] one Student representative.

Executive Officers

President (Australia)
Claire Smith
Flinders University
Archaeology Department
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide 5001
Work: +61(0)8 8201 2336
Fax: +61 (0)8 8201 3845

Vice President (Nigeria)
Caleb Adebayo Folorunso
Department of Archaeology & Anthropology
University of Ibadan
Ibadan - Nigeria
Tel. Home: +234-27514754

Secretary (Spain)
Inés Domingo Sanz
Departament de Prehistòria i d'Arqueologia
Universitat de València
Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 28
46010 Valencia
Work: + 34 963983894

Treasurer (Poland)
Arkadiusz Marciniak
Institute of Prehistory
University of Poznañ
w. Marcin 78
61-809 Poznañ
Work: +48(0)61 829 4798
Fax: +48(0)61 829 4798

Executive Members

Indigenous Representative (United States of America)
Dorothy Lippert
Smithsonian Institution/NMNH
P.O. Box 37012, MRC-138
Washington, D.C. 20013-7012
Work Phone: +1 202-633-0874
Fax: +1 202-786-2728

Council Representative (Northern Europe)
Jon Price
Northumbria University
School of Arts and Social Sciences
Newcastle upon Tyne
Work: +44 (0) 191 243 7763
Fax: +44 (0) 191 227 3696

Council Representative (Eastern Asia)
Katsuyuki Okamura
Osaka City Cultural Properties Association
1-1-35 Hoenzaka,Chuo-ku
Osaka 540-0006
Work: +81(6)6943-6833
FAX: +81(6)6920-2272

Student Representative (United States of America)
Dru McGill
Anthropology Department
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA 47405
Phone: 812-333-6539