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One World Archaeology

Series Editor (Volumes 1-37): 
Peter J. Ucko

Executive Series Editor (Volume 38-47): 
Peter Stone

Academic Series Editors (Volume 38-47): 
Martin Hall and Julian Thomas

Academic Series Editors (Volume 48 onwards): 
Joan Gero, Mark Leone and Robin Torrence

Publications in the One World Archaeology series contain selections of the papers presented at the WAC Congresses, held every four years. This series developed as an outcome of the inaugural World Archaeological Congress held in Southampton, England in 1986. The subject matter of this series is wide-ranging, reflecting the diverse interests of WAC.

WAC gives place to considerations of power and politics in framing archaeological questions and results. WAC also gives place and privilege to minorities who have often been silenced or regarded as beyond capable of making main line contributions to the field.

All editors and contributors to the OWA series waive any fees they might normally receive from a publisher. Instead all royalties from the series are used to help the wider work of WAC. The sale of OWA volumes provides the means for less advantaged colleagues to attend WAC conferences, thereby enabling them to contribute to the development of the academic debate surrounding the study of the past.

Books published in the One World Archaeology Series

One World Archaeology

1. What is an Animal?, T. Ingold (ed.)
2. The Walking Larder: Patterns of domestication, pastoralism and predation, J. Clutton-Brock
3. Domination and Resistance, D. Miller, M.J. Rowlands and C. Tilley (eds.)
4. State and Society: The emergence and development of social hierarchy and political centralization, J. Gledhill, B. Bender and M.T. Larsen (eds.)
5. Who Needs the Past? Indigenous values and archaeology, R. Layton (ed.)
6. The Meaning of Things: Material culture and symbolic expression, I. Hodder (ed.)
7. Animals into Art, H. Morphy (ed.)
8. Conflict in the Archaeology of Living Traditions, R. Layton (ed.)
9. Archaeological Heritage Management in the Modern World, H. F. Cleere (ed.)
10. Archaeological Approaches to Cultural Identity, S. J. Shennan (ed.)
11. Centre and Periphery: Comparative studies in archaeology, T.C. Champion (ed.)
12. The Politics of the Past, P. Gathercole and D. Lowenthal (eds.)
13. Foraging and Farming: The evolution of plant exploitation, D. R. Harris and G. C. Hillman (eds.)
14. What's New? A closer look at the process of innovation, S. E. van der Leeuw and R. Torrence (eds.)
15. Hunters of the Recent Past, L. B. Davis and B.O.K. Reeves (eds.)
16. Signifying Animals: Human meaning in the natural world, R. G. Willis (ed.)
17. The Excluded Past: Archaeology in education, P. G. Stone and R. MacKenzie (eds.)
18. From the Baltic to the Black Sea: Studies in medieval archaeology, D. Austin and L. Alcock (eds.)
19. The Origins of Human Behaviour, R. A. Foley (ed.)
20. The Archaeology of Africa: Food, metals and towns, T. Shaw, P. Sinclair, B. Andahand A. Okpoko (eds.)
21. Archaeology and the Information Age: A global perspective, P. Reilly and S. Rahtz (eds.)
22. Tropical Archaeobotany: Applications and developments, J. G. Hather (ed.)
23. Sacred, Sites, Sacred Places, D. L. Carmichael, J. Hubert, B. Reeves and A. Schanche (eds.)
24. Social Construction of the Past: Representation as power, G. C. Bond and A. Gilliam (eds.)
25. The Presented Past: Heritage, museums and education, P. G. Stone and B. L. Molyneaux (eds).
26. Time, Process and Structural Transformation in Archaeology, S. E. van der Leeuw and J. McGlade (eds.)
27. Archaeology and Language I: Theoretical and methodological orientations, R. Blench and M. Spriggs (eds.)
28. Early Human Behaviour in the Global Context, M. Petraglia and R. Korisettar (eds.)
29. Archaeology and Language II: Archaeological data and linguistic hypotheses, R. Blench and M. Spriggs (eds.)
30. Archaeology and Anthropology of Landscape: Shaping your landscape, P. J. Ucko and R. Layton (eds.)
31. The Prehistory of Food: Appetites for Change, C. Gosden and J. G. Hather (eds.)
32. Historical Archaeology: Back from the edge, P. .P. A. Funari, M. Hall and S. Jones (eds.)
33. Cultural Resource Management in Contemporary Society: Perspectives on managing and presenting the past, F. P. MacManamon and A. Hatton (eds.)
34. Archaeology and Language III: Artefacts, languages and texts, R. Blench and M. Spriggs (eds.)
35. Archaeology and Language IV: Language change and cultural transformation, R. Blench and M. Spriggs (eds.)
36. The Constructed Past: Experimental archaeology, education and the public, P. G. Stone and P. Planel (eds.)
37. Time and Archaeology, T. Murray (ed.)
38. The Archaeology of Difference: Negotiating cross-cultural engagements in Oceania, R. Torrence and A. Clarke (eds.)
39. The Archaeology of Drylands: Living at the margin, G. Barker and D. Gilbertson (eds.)
40. Madness, Disability & Social Exclusion: the archaeology & anthropology of 'difference', J. Hubert (ed.)
41. Destruction and Conservation of Cultural Property, R. L. Layton, P.G. Stone and J. Thomas (eds.)
42. Illicit Antiquities: the theft of culture and the extinction of archaeology, N. Brodie and K. Walker Tubb (eds.)
43. The Dead and their Possessions: repatriation in principle, policy and practice, C. Fforde, J. Hubert and P. Turnbull (eds.)
44. Matériel Culture: The archaeology of 20th century conflict, J. Schofield, W. G. Johnson and C. M. Beck (eds.)
45. Natural Disasters and Cultural Change, R.Torrence and J. Grattan (eds.)
46. Archaeologies of the British: Explorations of identity in the United Kingdom and its colonies 1600-1945, Susan Lawrence (ed.)
47. Indigenous Archaeologies: Decolonising theory and practice, C. Smith and H. M. Wobst (eds). 2005.
48. African Re-Genesis Confronting Social Issues in the Diaspora, Jay B. Haviser and Kevin C. MacDonald (eds), 2006
49. Archaeology to Delight and Instruct. Active Learning in the University Classroom, Heather Burke and Claire Smith (eds, 2007)
50. A Fearsome Heritage. Diverse Legacies of the Cold War, John Schofield and Wayne Cocroft (eds), 2007.
51. Rethinking Agriculture. Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives, Timothy P. Denham, Jose Iriarte and Luc Vrydaghs (eds), 2007
52. Envisioning Landscape. Situations and Standpoints in Archaeology and Heritage, Dan Hicks, Laura McAtackney, and Graham Fairclough (eds), 2007
 53. Living Under the Shadow. Cultural Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions, John Grattan and Robin Torrence (eds), 2007
54. Archaeology and Capitalism. > From Ethics to Politics, Yannis Hamilakis and Philip Duke (eds), 2007
55. Archaeologies of Art, Time, Place, Identity, Ines Domingo Sanz, Danae Fiore & Sally K May.
56. Underwater and Maritime Archaelogy in Latin America and the Caribbean, Margaret E Leshikar-Denton & Pila Luna Erreguerena.
57. Landscapes of Clearance, Archaelogical & Anthropological Perspectives, Angele P Smith And Amy Gazin-Scwartz
58. Managing Archaeological Resources, Francis P McManamon, Andrew Stout & Jodi A Barnes.



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