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Friday, 15 May 2009 22:41

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WAC has two book series with Left Coast Press:

World Archaeological Congress Research Handbooks in Archaeology

Series Editors: George Nicholas and Julie Hollowell
Simon Fraser University and Indiana University

The World Archaeological Congress's (WAC) new Research Handbooks in Archaeology series provides comprehensive coverage of a range of areas of contemporary interest to archaeologists. Research handbooks attempt to synthesize and benchmark a given field or area of inquiry by providing state-of-the-art summary articles on the key topics in the field. The edited volumes in this series will provide clear, in-depth information on specific archaeological themes, including the foundations of key concepts and theories, and practical advice for students, scholars, and emerging professionals. Each chapter outlines the major historical developments of a particular topic; describes the current trends in research, practice, and social action; provides a bibliography of key sources; and suggests future directions.

Guided by a vision of an ethically embedded global archaeology, this cohesive series grounds archaeological theory, method, and practice in an understanding of contemporary ethical issues surrounding each theme. These volumes illustrate how to conduct ethical archaeology while also providing a much-needed in-depth treatment of selected thematic areas. Where appropriate, as in the areas of museum anthropology or cultural tourism, a volume will take a cross-disciplinary approach, designed for dual audiences. We envisage that these volumes will be used as graduate level course texts in archaeology and anthropology departments throughout the world with primary audiences and applications including academics, academic libraries, archaeological professionals, museum staff and others involved in heritage work. Themes in each book will also be useful to non-government organizations, historical societies, and other community groups interested in archaeology.

Initial volumes will cover forensic archaeology, landscape archaeology, museum anthropology, and postcolonial archaeology. The first volumes are expected for publication in 2008.

All royalties generated by sales of books in this series go directly to World Archaeological Congress.

Series editorial board in process of formation.

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