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This page contains useful links to archaeological websites.

Flinders Archaeology Department - this is an interesting and useful site by our site hosts at Flinders University.


Institute of Prehistory, University of Poznan, Poland
Institute of Prehistory at the University of Poznan is one of the largest Polish departments of archaeology. It combines traditional approaches with new develpments in archaeological theory and methods.
Submitted By: Arkadiusz Marciniak
Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society
The Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS) is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to advancing the science of maritime archaeology and enhancing public awareness and appreciation of historic shipwrecks and other submerged cultural resources. MAHS trained and certified divers support underwater archaeology expeditions around the world.
Submitted By: Steven Anthony
NPI provides training in historic preservation and cultural resource management to practicing professionals and others, through short courses offered in various U.S. cities.
Submitted By: Thomas F. King
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
TIGHAR promotes the sensitive preservation of historic aircraft and conducts archaeological, historical, and other forms of research into aviation history and historical mysteries such as the 1937 disappearance of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.
Submitted By: Thomas F. King
Southeast Archeological Center, US National Park Service
For over thirty years, the Southeast Archeological Center has carried out a tradition of archeological research, collections and information management, and technical support for national park units located in the Southeast Region of the National Park Service. The Center continues its historical support functions as well as a wide variety of technical assistance and partnership projects both within and outside NPS. As a support operation to national park units, the Center helps fulfill the requirements of various federal laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines for the protection of archeological resources. Interagency assistance programs help carry out the responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior to assist other Federal agencies and state agencies in cultural resources compliance, archeological site stabilization, CRM planning, and public education and outreach. The mission of the Center is to facilitate long-term protection, use, and appreciation of archeological and cultural resources in the southeastern USA and beyond.
Submitted By: John H. Jameson
Center for Heritage Studies
The Center for Heritage Resource Studies at the University of Maryland brings scholars and practitioners together to support a comprehensive approach to the study of heritage.
Submitted By: Lena Mortensen
The 2003 Iraq War & Archaeology
An excellent site about the Iraq war and its archaeological implications.
Submitted By: Cornelius Holtorf
A guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East on the Internet.
Submitted By: Charles E. Jones
Iraq Crisis
IraqCrisis: A moderated list for communicating substantive information on cultural property damaged, destroyed or lost from Libraries and Museums in Iraq during and after the war in April 2003, and on the worldwide response to the crisis.
Submitted By: Charles E. Jones
A mailing list on topics and issues of interest in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, from the Indus to the Nile, and from the beginnings of human habitation to the rise of Islam. It is intended to provide a medium for discussion among scholars and students actively engaged in research and study of this broad field.
Submitted By: Charles E. Jones
Window on Wiltshire's Heritage
Explore Wiltshire's unique heritage by browsing collections or conducting searches. Nominate a favourite aspect of Wiltshire's heritage or download a desktop calendar.
Submitted By: Helen Shalders
Index of Native American Cultural Resources


Center for Historical Archaeology
The Center for Historical Archaeology is a non-profit scientific organization based in Melbourne Beach, Florida. The Center provides archival research in French, English, and Spanish archives, underwater wreck sites assessment and dating, and cultural material analysis. Its mission is:

(1) to promote research in the Spanish colonial area in the fields of archival research and cultural anthropology, including archaeology and ethnohistory;

(2) to publish educational materials and research findings; and,

(3) to conduct research projects related to these purposes.
Submitted By: John de Bry
Canadian Archaeological Association
The bilingual (French, English) web site of the Canadian Archaeological Association provides visitors with information concerning the association, its ethics, its activities and publications.
Submitted By: Jean-Luc Pilon
Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) Conference Group
British-based conference group focusing on theory and practice in later historical archaeology and contemporary archaeology.
Submitted By: Dan Hicks
Society for Post Medieval Archaeology (SPMA)
British society for the study of the post medieval perid in Britain and around the world. Details of membership, conferences and journal.
Submitted By: Dan Hicks
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
The Unit has the major responsibility for facilitating and encouraging the access, participation and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at the University of Queensland. Staff are active in a range of collaborative projects with Indigenous communities across Australia from archaeology to ethnomusicology to community-based education initiatives.
Submitted By: Sean Ulm
The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education
The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education is a peer reviewed research journal publishing articles in the field of Indigenous education, broadly defined. It regularly publishes articles on cultural heritage issues. The website includes some free content.
Submitted By: Sean Ulm


GEM Systems
Archeological professionals with an interest in remote sensing methods for non-destructive prospection can find a concise overview of magnetic methods and case histories here.
Submitted By: Greg Hollyer
New South Associates
New South Associates is a cultural resources consulting firm specializing in archaeology, history, historic preservation, subsistence studies and rock art conservation in the US and internationally.
Submitted By: Tom Wheaton
ACRA is a trade association representing private consulting firms working in archaeology and historic preservation in the United States.
Submitted By: Tom Wheaton


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